Our Belief
Linda Chong has dedicated more than 30 years of her life to the beauty and slimming industry. Over all these years, she had witnessed countless ill-advised pursuits of beauty that ended up in fruitless dead ends, with many getting their priorities mixed-up and tragically paying the price with their health. She has always believed that the key to beauty lies in our health – that only by owning health, can one truly own beauty.

Established in 2010, Quantum Energy is the visionary company that brought the first Quantum Energy machine from Korea into Malaysian shores, and along with it, an exciting new and revolutionary chapter of the beauty industry. According to our findings, 90% of Quantum Energy users are satisfied with the machine while the remaining 10% are extremely pleased with it. We've also helped many to recover their health and to us, there is nothing more satisfying and motivating than that!

At Quantum Energy, we believe that every one is worthy of good health and beauty, and that everyone should always be showing the world their truest and most beautiful side.

Our Vision and Mission
Every one is born with their quantum frequency at a healthy, perfect state. But as time goes by, this frequency will gradually lose its perfection, due to the many negative factors that plague our modern lifestyle – stress, mood, pollution, unhealthy living and eating habits, smoking, drinking, insomnia and many others – leading to the emergence of diseases and premature ageing.

The solution that Quantum Energy provides is based on quantum technology (natural science). It works from the roots of the problems, increasing one's self-healing ability to help the body regain its health and beauty by letting it heal itself naturally.

We will strive to innovate more advanced therapies, products, and solutions for both health and beauty, with quantum technology at their core, so that more people can restore their health back to its optimum state, through treatments that optimises their bodies from deep within.

A good life begins with good health – that's what we believe.