Enhance Your Body's Self-healing Ability
And Let It Heal Itself!
Our body's self-healing ability is one of the most amazing gifts ever bestowed upon us. Whenever our body detects a problem, it will warn us through various ways and start healing itself – thanks to the "healing power" provided by our immune system.

When this "healing power" starts to wane, however, our body will become more vulnerable to illnesses, and signs of ageing will appear rapidly. So, the best cure for all kinds of illnesses is awakening our body's self-healing ability and let it heal itself. In other words: enhance our self-healing ability, enhance our health.

The Quantum Energy machine operates on the same principle – it increases your body's natural self-healing ability to stimulate recovery from all kinds of illnesses, restoring your health the natural way.
Quantum Energy
Using the same therapeutic principles of Qi, the Korean-invented Quantum Energy is designed to restore the body back to its optimum state; enhance the self-healing ability of cells; and improve different health problems faced by different age groups, via 700 types of quantum waves and 75 unique programs. This technologically-advanced machine is widely acknowledged by Chinese physicians and Qi Gong masters as the fastest natural beauty and health therapy the world currently has.

*Hertz is the unit of frequency.
What is Quantum Medicine
Based on the principles of quantum physics, quantum medicine is a combination of quantum biology, quantum pharmacology and bioinformatics. It utilises EEG microstates, energy and other forms, to perform fusion, system, full prevention, conditioning, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery on organisms.

Healing Method
Treatment via Qi Gong Tuning Quantum Frequency With Quantum Energy
  The Qi Gong master begins by generating Qi in his body. When enough Qi is generated, the Qi Gong master will project his internal Qi into the patient's body.

When the Qi – or the electromagnetic radiation of such frequency – comes in contact with specific acupoints, these acupoints will be tuned to resonate at their optimum frequency, much like tuning the frequency of a radio to improve the reception. This will clear the patient's blood vessels and to help him recovery from his illness.
Quantum Energy, which features 75 programs and generates over 700 quantum waves, employs advanced quantum technology to accurately detect the frequencies of cells in the human body and tune those with anomalies back to their optimum state, enhancing our health and restoring our wellbeing.  

Treatment via Qi Gong Tuning Quantum Frequency With Quantum Energy
  `When the circulation of a body part becomes bad, that body part will experience ache, numbness, pain, irritation, and swelling. If Qi can be delivered to the part in question as soon as the ache or pain is felt, then the problem could be prevented effectively from worsening.
By optimising unhealthy quantum frequencies back to their healthy state, and by delivering good frequencies and energy to parts of the body with poor circulation, we can prevent an unhealthy condition from getting worse. When each organ – or even cell – has a healthy frequency, the body will naturally be in good shape.  
Healthy Quantum Frequencies Vs Unhealthy Quantum Frequencies
There are generally 2 types of quantum frequencies: healthy and unhealthy quantum frequencies.
They can be differentiated by their frequencies and wave patterns

Unhealthy Quantum Waves Healthy Quantum Waves
  Quantum waves emitted by the organs of the elderly are often unhealthy due to their declining functions, while those with bad living and eating habits are found to possess quantum waves that are unhealthier than those who are health conscious and exercise regularly. Those who exercise regularly and are in a good shape naturally emit quantum waves in optimum condition.  
Quantum Energy is a state-of-the-art machine designed and developed to accurately detect anomalies in quantum frequencies in the human body and automatically inject quantum waves into our body to tune the unhealthy frequencies back to their optimum state, enhancing our health and restoring our wellbeing. It also stimulates the self-healing and self-repairing abilities of the human body, helping to restore beauty to the body naturally, safely and quickly.
Get To The Root
Quantum Energy features 75 programs and generates more than 700 quantum waves to help condition quantum energy all over your body. You can select the Auto program from the QA mode for fully-body conditioning or specifically target various parts of your body to condition based on your personal needs, using the extensive list of programs available.

Example 1: If you are experiencing a shoulder ache, you can select program 6 of QA mode to target and treat your shoulders.
Example 2: For those suffering from arthritis can select program 11 of QB mode.
Example 3: You can select program 15 of QA mode to help you sleep better if you have insomnia.
Example 4: Those with nasal allergies or breathing difficulties can select program 24 of QA mode for lung conditioning.

(The 4 examples given above are just references. For the best experience and results, please use the machine based on our professional therapists' recommendation.)
Rejuvenate all your cells in only one relaxing hour.
Quantum Energy Preset Programs

01  Full Body Detoxification
02  Liver Diseases
03  Stiff Muscles
04  Sexual Dysfunction
05  Spinal Abnormalities
06  Shoulder Pain
07  Prostate Problems
08  Diabetes
09  Sciatica
10  Adrenal Gland Disorder
11  Kidney Dysfunction
12  Obesity
13  Thrombosis
14  Sore Throat / Angina
15  Insomnia
16  Numbness
17  Alpha Brainwaves
18  Delta Brainwaves
19  Beta Brainwaves
20  Theta Brainwaves
21  Duodenum Disorders
22  Musculoskeletal System
23  Neuromuscular Problems
24  Lung Diseases
25  Pelvic Problems

01  Full Body Detoxification
02  Cardiovascular Diseases
03  Thyroid Disorders
04  Spastic Paralysis
05  Muscular Abnormalities
06  Skin Diseases
07  Pimples
08  Chronic Fatigue
09  Facial Paralysis
10  Obesity
11  Arthritis
12  Adrenal Gland Disorder
13  Alpha Brainwaves
14  Delta Brainwaves
15  Beta Brainwaves
16  Theta Brainwaves
17  Palatal Stiffness
18  Lymphatic Diseases
19  Shingles
20  Emotional Disorders
21  Stomach Diseases
22  Kidney Dysfunction
23  Duodenum Disorders
24  Rectum Diseases
25  Spleen Dysfunction

01  Indigestion
02  Excess Stomach Acid
03  Colon Diseases
04  Constipation
05  Back Pain
06  Lower Back Pain
07  Abdominal Pain
08  Tubular Organ Pain
09  Sciatica
10  Migraine
11  Obesity
12  Kidney Problems
13  Dysmenorrhoea
14  Emotional Disorders
15  Thrombosis
16  Chronic Fatigue
17  Colitis
18  Cystitis
19  Headaches Induced By
Toxin Accumulation
20  Psychological Headache
21  Adrenal Gland Disorder
22  Lung Diseases
23  Spleen Dysfunction
24  Pancreas Dysfunction
25  Ascending and
Descending Colon
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