1. Professional skin consultation and skin type analysis
  2. Back area deep cleansing + keratin removal
  3. Back area clearing with quantum frequency (soothes shoulder ache)
  4. Lower back acupuncture point functions activation (nourishes ovaries)
  5. Face area deep cleansing + keratin removal
  6. Face area acupoints activation with quantum frequency
  7. Eye area quantum frequency treatment (soothes tired eyes and restores energy to eyes)
  8. Lymphatic system detoxification with quantum frequency (returns radiance to the face)
  9. Face area firming massage (noticeably increases facial elasticity)
  10. Neck area quantum frequency treatment (firms neck area skin; reduces double chin and neck wrinkles)
  11. Deep moisturising and cell-repairing mask (Quantum Energy Essence + Quantum Energy Mask + Terra Formulated Pure Flora Water)
  12. Full body conditioning with quantum frequency (repairs and rejuvenates cells in entire body)
Whitens skin, removes spots, repairs and stimulates cells, firms face, moisturises deeply, nourishes ovaries, detoxifies, optimises organs, lightens dark circles, improves eye bags and wrinkles, brightens eyes, soothes shoulder aches, refreshes mind, calms emotion, relieves stress, and restores youth.
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